Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...

That has been the question! I have sat down several times over the past month and a half and started the same blog over and over. I was just feeling overwhelmed at everything that had happened and how in the world I was going to post it in a quick and concise way. If I was a good blogger, I would update more frequently but I'm not, so I don't. Anyway. Finally, today, I decided I would get it done. Not for people who read (because there is really only like 3 people who read this!), but for me b/c this is my way of "scrapbooking" our lives.

So, since my last post a lot has gone on! Let's start with Feb! Bryson had his 4th birthday and birthday party! It was so much my opinion anyway! He decided that he wanted games at his party so we decided to make it carnival like. We set up about 10 games around the room and as the kids came in they went around and played all of the games. Games like: Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Nerf Darts, Clothes pin drop, Bean Bag Tic Tac Toe and of course a Pinata! We had lots of prizes and the kids had fun. After the games we had hot dogs, Shark cupcakes and opened presents! Bryson made out like a bandit! He had a great time celebrating with his Friends!
Later in the month, we survived the dreaded four year old well visit and all of the shots that go along with it! It was a rough 30 minutes b/c Bryson and Jaden were both getting shots (Jaden was there for his 9 month appt.) but we made it out alive and both boys were well above average in height and weight as well as VERY healthy!

As March rolled around we ALL were getting a nice case of Spring Fever! We were so ready for spring break and some time off. So we planned to take a mini vacation over spring break! Bryson is into Dinosaurs right now so we thought it would be fun to go camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose. After spending a few days in Temple visiting family, we packed up and headed west with a van load of camping gear. I have to admit I was a little nervous how Jaden would do sleeping but he did great! We got to Glenrose on Wednesday afternoon and got our camp set up. Then we went to a cool place called Dinosaur World that had over one hundred life size dinosaur replicas. We got to walk along the mile long path looking at and reading about all of the dinosaurs! The second day we spent actually hunting for dino tracks in the Paluxy River. It was really hot outside and the water felt so good to wade around in while we looked for the tracks! Of course, that was Bryson's favorite part!

Unfortunately, our camping trip was cut a few hours short b/c Jaden started not feeling well at about 4:00 in the morning on Friday. So we VERY QUIETLY got up, put the boys in the car and packed up the whole camp, in the dark, in 30 minutes and headed home. We were home by 7:30 in the morning and spent the day relaxing and letting Jaden feel better...he had an ear infection.

The rest of March was pretty normal. Matthew had lots of track meets, I started VBS practices, Bryson started baseball practice and Jaden learned to crawl!! So for now, that's all! I'll start planning Jaden's First Birthday in a few weeks. Won't be anything big, just family, but I still try to make it special with invitations and a homemade cake, so we'll see! I can't believe that the next time I blog I'll most likely have a one year old!

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Rhonda H. said...

I read your blog, too! :)

I can't believe that Jaden will be 1 soon and that Bryson is 4 already! Where has the time gone?!